Do You Really Want To Own a Norwegian Elkhound?


Elkhounds may seem like the ideal pet, but there are advantages and disadvantages of every breed, so please READ THIS ARTICLE to learn more about the Norwegian Elkhound.


When YOU purchase or rescue a pet YOU are not getting a throwaway commodity.  YOU are making a lifelong commitment so make absolutely sure YOU know what you are doing.


If you have decided to purchase or rescue an Elkhound THIS ARTICLE will guide you toward making your purchase!!


We do more than just show our Elkhounds, below are other activities we participate in.

Canine Good Citizen® 



The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test (CGC) is a certification program that evaluates dogs in simulated everyday situations in a relaxed, noncompetitive atmosphere. Any dog is eligible to take the CGC test.


Learn More About CGC Here




An obedience trial is a dog sport in which a dog must perfectly execute a predefined set of tasks when directed to do so by his handler.


Learn More About Obedience Trial Here




Flyball is a race that matches two teams of four dogs each, racing side-by-side over a 51 foot long course that has 4 jumps and a flyball box at the end.  Any dog is eligible to participate in flyball.


Learn More About Flyball Here




AKC Rally is a successful stepping stone from the AKC Canine Good Citizen® (CGC) program to the world of obedience or agility. Rally offers both the dogs and handlers an experience that is fun and energizing.


Learn More About Rally Here




 Agility is a sport that is designed to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with its handler off leash through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.


Learn More About Agility Here

Barn Hunt



 LOKI owned by PSNEA member Dennis Bell is the first dog in the Pacific NW to earn a Master title in Barn Hunt.


Learn More About the Barn Hunt Here




Congratulations to Gaylean Lyne’s progeny “HAKON”; the youngest Norwegian Elkhound in documented history to earn the AKC Tracking Dog Title!!

Congratulations again to HAKON for earning his TDX title!!


Learn More About Tracking Here

Animal-Assisted Activity



Animal-Assisted Activities are basically the casual "meet and greet" activities that involve pets visiting people. Here PSNEA members and their dogs visit a retirement community.