For 2011 Evelyn & I accepted the invitation on behalf of PSNEA and took CALLIE and CASSIE.  We were put on display with other Scandinavian dog breeds that were invited to the event. Dave & Jill Evander and LOUIE joined us for 2012 and 2014.

Midsommarfest is a two day celebration of the summer solstice.

The festival highlights a mix of Scandinavian cultures that begins with the Swedish tradition of raising the Maistang or Maypole and concludes with the lighting of a ceremonial bonfire a Norwegian tradition that celebrates the arrival of summer.

2011 shows CASSIE below with a local group called “Glamfolk”. They set up a typical “Viking Village” where visitors can learn about the Vikings culture, and how they lived.



For 2011 & 2012 there were a number of replica artifacts, craftsmen, merchants, and re-enactors ready and available to teach anyone who is interested in learning about the life of a Viking.

We were on display for three hours during the afternoon in Poulsbo’s Waterfront Park. We alternated being in our display area and walking our dogs amongst the crowd answering questions, posing for pictures and greeting the "little folk" as LOUIE is doing here.




2011 Gathering of Nordic Dogs, Norwegian Buhund, Lundehund, Canaan Dog & Elkhound


 2011 Midsommarfest Royalty with CALLIE & CASSIE


An Elkhound Close Encounter


2014 Midsommarfest Royalty with NIKKI


Young Scandinavian Girl & NIKKI


Midsommarfest Royalty and LOUIE


 NIKKI & LOUIE pose with Traditional Norwegian Dress



PSNEA members will be attending the events highlighted in BLUE

At these events we show our Norwegian Elkhounds to the public and educate them about our wonderful dogs.  

If you own an Elkhound or are interested in Elkhounds please come and join us.




----------  UPCOMMING  EVENTS  ---------- 


14 Nov 2020 Fido Farm Herding Fun Day

All Dogs Are Welcome To Attend







Rose City Classic Meet The Breeds Showcase 


The Daffodil Festival Grand Floral Parade 


Annual Olympia Norway Day 


Hillsboro Oregon Elkhound Picnic


Fjordin Crossin in Hoodsport WA 


PSNEA Specialty at the Enumclaw Expo Center


All Around Dogs at the Puyallup Fair 


Edgewood WA Nordic Festival 


A Taste of Scandinavia Kennewick WA 



























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Dennis Bell and LOKI, PSNEA's most titled Elkhound