Puget Sound Norwegian Elkhound Association Application for Adoption and Questionnaire
The purpose of this questionnaire is to help us determine your needs in a pet and give us some insight into your lifestyle so we can best match a dog to you and your family. When we re-home a rescue it is very important that a proper placement is made. We reserve the right to refuse placement of an animal in our custody for any reason, without explanation. Animal rescue requires time & money; we would be very appreciative of a donation to our program to help us continue our work.
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Please describe your family situation. i.e. the number of adults and children – ages and any special family situations such as handicapped individual or frail elderly individual living in your household:
Do you have other pets? Please list species, age and sex. Are any of them neutered?
In the past what has happened to all other pets you have had? Are they still alive but not living with you? Did they die of old age, disease or an accident? How many years did you own them?
Do you Own your home or do you Rent? If you rent may we contact your landlord? Enter Landlord contact information here:
What is your yard size? Is your yard fenced? Describe the type and size of your fence:
Please describe the potential dog's living environment:
Will the dog live indoors or indoors and outdoors? Where will it sleep?
How long will the dog be left alone each day without a person?
Do you have a crate for your dog? Have you ever used a crate for any of your dogs?
Have you ever done obedience training with a dog? Please describe the circumstances:
Please tell us what attracted you to the Norwegian Elkhound and in particular why would you adopt a rescued dog?
Enter the code below and press submit to send the form. Our Rescue Focal Jan Herinckx will contact you.